ai03 Soyuz Numpad Kit

All in one PCB, top and bottom plate for the Soyuz numpad. Designed by ai03.

Bill of Materials

  • 1x This PCB (contains top and bottom plates and main PCB)

  • 4x M2 Standoffs, 12~14mm

  • 8x M2 screws for the standoffs

  • 20x Diodes, 1N4148

  • 1x 6x6mm push button for reset

  • 4x Rubber adhesive feet


  1. Break the PCB apart into top, bottom, and PCBs carefully.

  2. Solder the diodes onto the PCB.

  3. Solder the Pro Micro headers and reset button onto the PCB.

  4. Install stabilizers to the PCB if necessary.

  5. Clip the corner switches into the top plate, and attach the plate/switch setup onto the PCB.

  6. Solder switches onto the PCB.

  7. Solder the Pro Micro onto the headers.

  8. At this stage, double-check all solder joints and flash firmware.

  9. Screw the standoffs on each corner of the top plate.

  10. Screw the bottom plate onto the rest.

  11. Tack on the rubber feet.

  12. Mount keycaps. Enjoy!

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